Things I Wanna Do Before I Die


I saw a tv program a couple months ago about some guys that make a list about the things that they wanna do before they die and after they did one of the list they put a checklist on it. Well those guys really inspired me somehow, i always stay in my comfort zone, its really hard for me to do something that i like because of the routine and i’m bound to some people. But one day i’m gonna get out of my shell and do the things i wanna do before i die…so here’s my list:
1. ride on a motogp bike, tandem for sure coz’ i can’t ride it on my own…
2. dancing under the Eiffel Tower
3. Snorkeling in Gili Meno, Lombok
4. Having birthday party with the orphans
5. being a volunteer in a disaster area
6. running around in the savanna somewhere in this world
7. doing’ bungy jumping from the highest place in the world
8. kissing valentino rossi…hahahhaa
9. eating pasta in rome
10. built a mosque


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  1. iyalah hahahaha…pengen tau rasanya nari2 di bawah menara eiffel romantis gimana gituh
    tar ahh kalo dananya dah cukup mo backpackeran kesana….eat, play, and travell ;P

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